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Will Bode
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Help me kick-off this forum by introducing yourself. To post your introduction click "Introduce Yourself" on the navigation above and then click "Add Topic" on the upper right-hand side (instead of replying to this). That way everyone can see your post listed below mine.

My name is Will Bode. I recently started this website with the goal of; creating an online space for oven and bread enthusiasts to meet and share their knowledge and experience, to offer my own expertise, to build a free resource library on oven building and use, and to grow the community by getting more people interested in this ancient and amazing skill-base.

I have been fascinated with bread baking since I was a kid. I think what won me over was that magical transformation from a not-so-edible dough to something I basically lived on. I can still remember being around 8 or 9 at my Aunt's house and getting to mix and shape my first loaf by hand. We cut our initials into the loaf, I think it was at this moment a seed was planted that eventually grew into the passion it is today! You can learn more about me on the About page.

Please help me kick off this forum by introducing yourself to the community! By making comments on our blog posts, creating posts in this community forum, and sharing our website and content with your social media community, you are helping ensure that this site stays alive! I am wanting to keep it free of ads and as opensource as possible.

Here are a few questions that might help you get started.

Where are you from? What are the interests that bring you here? What is your experience with wood-fired ovens and baking? How can we help you reach your goals? What features or subjects would you like to see on the site?

If you have any questions or concerns simply write to me at will@ovensdiy.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Keep Calm and Bake On!

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